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Exciting news!

               I would like to take a moment of your busy schedule and introduce you to some members of the Hsu customer support team. We have gone through some changes and that we will continue to support their operations and opportunities in a precise, cost effective and efficient manner.

               Our team at Hsu Growing Supply is built around each member’s specialty and experience. Although you will be supported by an individual representative, you can contact any of the team members with questions about growing methods, products, specifications, recommendations or issues. If we cannot support your question, we have the connections and resources to find out.

 With that said, I am proud to introduce you to the members of the Hsu customer support team

Deb Shaw  -  Dennis Brusky  -  Sylvia Slivicke  

           Deb Shaw is a veteran of the greenhouse industry, working as a grower for Natural Beauty in Denmark, Wisconsin and Tagawa Greenhouses in Denver, Colorado. She returned to Wausau where she joined our team in 2013. Her expertise in plants, greenhouse growing techniques, landscaping and greenhouse management makes her a valuable asset that you can utilize for support. Deb will be representing the customers of northern Wisconsin. Her email – Deb@HsuCompost.com

                Sylvia Slivicke is an experienced manager and grower of the greenhouse/garden center marketplace. Her knowledge of plants, growing, landscaping, soils, marketing techniques and customer support can prove invaluable while increasing operating efficiency and cost effective marketing. Sylvia is supporting the growers and retailers of southeastern Wisconsin. You will also find her supporting our distributor, the Prince Corporation. Her email – Sylvia@HsuCompost.com

                Dennis Brusky has changed roles at Hsu Growing Supply. He has been with Hsu’s for more than 20 years, beginning with our ginseng growing operations and then helped to develop our compost/soil operations. Some of you know him from his experience and knowledge of our bulk soils and supervising our yard and composting operations. His knowledge of our retail/professional products, engineered/custom soils, plastics and mulches make him an important part of the Hsu team. Dennis actively works with customers needing custom manufactured growing soils and is the driving force behind Hsu’s custom prefilled pots and flats program. His travels supporting growers and retailers will include southwestern Wisconsin. His email – Dennis@HsuCompost.com

                I am also excited to announce that the new facility has the concrete poured and the construction of the facility will begin soon. A section of this new facility will hold our soil line, prefill area, bulk manufacturing, packaging/bagging, new offices, warehousing and across the drive, a new stockyard. It is our intent to invite everyone this summer to an open house. 

I am confident that we are able to support and supply you with all the necessary items and information needed to make your season successful.

 Feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts at 715-675-5856 or Scott@HsuCompost.com.  


Scott Theiss
General Manger
Hsu Growing Supply